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Because we believe....... Every child is capable of doing great things!

Garden By The Bay

Children exploring nature at Garden By The Bay



Mother Tongue Language Performance @ Woodland Library

K2 children has the opportunities to performance at Mother Tongue Language festival at Woodland Library.

The children put up a show on the history of how Singapore was founded.



Fun @ River Safari

Children, Parents and Teachers having a fun-time at our Singapore River Safari.



K1K2 @ Cold Storage

K1K2 children spend their afternoon at Super Market understanding the daily product and how to purchase items at the cashier.



Event and Announcement
  • Drama Excursion: Rapunzel @ 26th Mar
  • Health Promotion Board Excursion @ July 2014
  • Speech and Drama at AMK NLB @ Sep 2014
  • Chinese MTL Performance and Woodland NLB @ Sep 2014
  • Chinese Drama: Nightingale @ Oct 2014

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