About Sunflower Kinderhub

We are established since 2006. This is an ideal place to nurture young children:

  • A huge playground catered for children of different age group
  • A beautiful park just a back-door away
  • A team of professional teachers who share a common goal in providing the best care and education to our children
  • Well-balanced and comprehensive curriculum
  • Healthy menu



Mission Statement
Our mission is to nurture our young ones and give them a head-start in life.
In sunflower we provide them with quality early childhood experiences which will fully develop the various attributes in them.

To be a provider of premium childcare and education programmes with an emphasis on developing the child's multiple intelligences

Core Values



We are committed to lead, develop and mentor our children and staff to reach their full potential.



We are committed to provide a positive, safe, secure and encouraging atmosphere for our children and staff.



We are committed to achieve professionalism in our area of work.



We are committed to build strong, healthy relationships with one another, our children and their families, along with the community through communication and understanding of the cultures around us.



We believe that in every child lies a potential to do great things - great things beyond the imagination of us adults, who at times set limits to our hopes and aspirations. By allowing and helping our children to set their minds free of limitations, they learn to explore and fire their passion to try new things as well as to experiment with what life has to offer. And in doing so, they learn to believe in themselves then realize their full potential and eventually fulfill their dreams.


We believe that they can!